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Alte Kelter

Foto: Peter D. Hartung


Alte Kelter
Untertürkheimer Straße 33

70734 Fellbach


The Alte Kelter, or Old Winepress, built in 1906 and dedicated in 1907, was at the time the largest of its type in Württemberg. Unused for a long time, in September 2000 after meticulous renovation it was re-opened as a multifunctional house of culture. With about 2500 square metres of exhibition floor space, the Alte Kelter has one of the largest exhibition areas in south Germany. The building combines the functionality and sobriety of purpose-built industrial architecture with the craftsmanship of timber frameworking. The vast roof structure is open to view and particularly impressive as it spans the entire area of 3000 square meters. The Japanese artist Kazuhito Nishikawa created twenty-four partition walls especially for the Alte Kelter, which – depending on the nature of the event and the requirements – allow the interior to be varied at will.


Exhibition architecture for 13th Triennale 2016

Exhibition architecture by Kuehn Malvezzi, Berlin
The architectural practice of Kuehn Malvezzi, Berlin, is constructing a tent within the historic
hall of the Alte Kelter. The tent is designed to function in two directions. In its interior it will create a new, pacified exhibition situation, facilitating a concentrated presentation of exhibits.
At the same time, as a hall within a hall the tent produces a continuous margin of space in
relation to the Alte Kelter. The tent thus becomes a display that serves to focus how the historic hall is perceived, transforming the latter into a further exhibit in the show. The free arrangement of the tent’s walls and exhibits gives rise to an exhibition landscape that visitors
can individually explore.

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