22. Jun 16 o'clock
Chiara Bugatti, Alessandro Giaquinto, dancers of the Stuttgart Ballett
The artist Chiara Bugatti explores themes such as monumentality, power and possession, but also coexistence and responsibility in the triennial. The ongoing series "Rehearsing Brutality, until it is totally destroyed" focuses on diatomaceous earth, ancient and fragile powdered stone, which here is shaped into seemingly solid cubes. Arranged in a spatial structure with movable wall elements, the precarious resting state of the casts is interrupted by a group of classical ballet dancers rehearsing poses and gestures of historical monuments depicting humans (usually male bodies) as invincible and heroic figures.

Vibrations here serve as a medium to bring bodies into a literal relationship with the material. As a result of the dancers' controlled movements - together with random movements of the audience - the cubes experience vibrations that cause their rupture and eventual collapse.

The visit to the performance is included in the entrance fee to the exhibition.