14. Jul 14 o'clock
POSTPONED: Molecular Queering Agency
Mary Maggic

As part of the artistic-curatorial program by Nikola Hartl, Triennial artist Mary Maggic conducts the Molecular Queering Agency workshop at the exhibition.

Welcome to the Molecular Queering Agency. We are the agency responsible for the industrial alienation of the human, non-human, and the planetary. The molecular colonization of endocrine disrupting compounds asks us to acknowledge our bodies as changeable, mutable, and responsive with the environment. We invite you to join a 10-person (socially-distanced) disobedience ritual designed to neutralize your eco-heteronormative fears around our collective alien becoming. We ask you to be loyal representatives of MQA and carry out this performance with a sample of your own urine. You will also be dressed in MQA uniforms and guided through simple choreography that is part-science and part-witchcraft. The uniforms include a plastic oxygen mask that may slightly limit airflow. The performance will be English-speaking and photo documented, and may be attended by a larger public audience. All uniforms and equipment will be sanitized for the performance.

We have only 9 slots available for this participatory performance. No prior experience or background knowledge is necessary. During the performance you will need to put on a clean costume, wear an oxygen mask, perform simple choreography and provide your own urine at the site. The performance will be followed by a group discussion, so please expect to be on at the performance site for at least 1.5 hours. Meeting point is the Alte Kelter. Please register here: