01. Jul 20 o'clock
Michael Götting
In "Contrapunctus", published in 2015, Michael Götting takes an unsparing look at the lives of four black Germans struggling with the city's colonial heritage, their relationships and the symptoms of racist tendencies in society in Berlin at the turn of the millennium. The form of the novel is based on the music-theoretical concept of contrapuntal composition. Johann Sebastian Bach's Art of the Fugue becomes a central component of the plot. The themes of powerlessness, being trapped, immigration, home, belonging and connectedness are the keys on which the melodies in the text develop. They run through the individual voices, are inverted and linked to each other in ever new ways.
Michael Götting is an author, curator and journalist and writes for ZEIT ONLINE, Deutschlandfunk and Tagesspiegel, among others. Presenter Georgina Fakunmoju works as a journalist for NDR and runs the podcast "My PoC Bookshelf" as a "frequent reader" with the aim of making black, indigenous and PoC knowledge, cultures and experiences visible in all their diversity.